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A guide to wedding centrepieces

Centrepieces have always been the major attraction of wedding decoration. These are widely used throughout the several different wedding events and these really add to the appeal of the wedding. Centrepieces when complements the current wedding theme multiplies the charismatic aura and sets the atmosphere just right for having different wedding photo shoots for wedding guests.


South Asian weddings make the most use of wedding centrepieces. As a popular fact, the South Asian weddings witness functions after functions right before the actual wedding ceremony. These functions are arranged at bigger level and extends up to or more than a week. Decoration plays a vital role in lighting up the Indian weddings and sub functions.


Modern wedding designers have visualized the scope for centrepieces and they give prime importance to centrepiece decoration for any wedding function. Also, Design Mantraa - an full service wedding and event decor company in Toronto offers a wide range of centrepieces choices for different wedding events.


Listed are some interesting wedding centrepieces arrangement ideas which have been taken from renowned wedding designers.

You can select from the wide array of wedding centrepieces available. However, the confusion remains about how to arrange centrepieces in an easy to attractive manner. Arranging wedding centrepieces is more of an art than just a regular decoration work. You can check out the given ideas and may experiment more to get the ideal look for a particular wedding function or any supplementary function.

Arrangement with candles

If you are on budget and want to make your event look chic and romantic, then candles are the way to go. Just put nine hour burn rate candle in our beautiful selection of vases, submurged in water and you are good to go. You can have a pair of three, five or just one to give a very cozy and romantic feel to your event.



?Florals are always great idea! Be it fresh or silk. These days silk florals are extremely beautiful and do not event feel like silk unless you touch                  them. There is a price difference. Silk florals by most designers are usually cheaper option as they can be used by them again and again. Whereas same is not the case for fresh florals. 


Be it a mehndi night, moroccon theme or sangeet event, Lanterns look amazing! Just light them up with candles or have a floral arrangement besides or around it. It sure is a great hit in all our past events.

Crystal wears

At Design Mantraa, we carry a huge selection of Crystal wear. It can be crystal candelabras, crystal chromes, crystal shades, or small crystal candle holders. These centrepieces are sure to make any event come to life.

If you have your own ideas or have an inspiration or theme that you would like us to work on, we will be more than happy to provide you our vision and take on centrepieces. 

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