Tuesday, Feb 09,2016
DIY Wedding Decor

It is not everyones preference to take on the responsibilities of their wedding decor, especially when they have other aspects of the wedding to worry about. However, for budget conscience brides, it might be cost effective to take into consideration DIY wedding decor. This requires creativity on your part but it can be very rewarding and customized to your liking.

When you are on a tight budget and you have to cut costs somewhere, sometimes it may be a great idea to take care of the decor on your own or with the help of your close family and friends. This will ensure your wedding stays on budget without having to compromise on your attire or venue.

Here are few areas where you can do DIY with a little creativity and help from your friends and family.

DIY Stage Backdrop


The stage is one of the main places where most of the photos will be taken and the focal point of the wedding. For that reason, decorating the backdrop on stage is extremely important and it will tie into your theme.


The average cost of a backdrop can be quite burdensome to the wedding couple, that is why doing it yourself can cut cuts substantially. At Design Mantraa we have pre stiched backdrops that can help the couples to create a DIY backdrop. You can also inquire about renting some of the fabrics from us if you want to create something custom. Blend the theme of your wedding into the backdrop in terms of colour and decorative lights, adding flowers or simple rose buds can also compliment the back drop.


Paper lanterns


Paper lanterns are extremely easy to make, use, and hang. They are also very cost effective and can compliment your decor very well.

You can use colourful fabric, wire and paper. Paper lanterns do not require too much material and can have a beautiful effect to your decor. Hang these lanterns in places with dim lighting, these would be perfect for the dining area or even at the ceremonial place. These can create an intimate ambiance or you can also hang them along side the pathway to create a more vivacious entrance.  




Centrepieces is one area where most of the brides can save significantly. Make a visit to your local dollar store and see if you can find anything that sparks your interest. We have seen many beautiful vases which cost under $2, add some crystals at the bottom of the vase and put in a fresh flower stem with water and floating candle on the top...tadaaa...a beautiful centrepiece is ready. The total cost would be less than $5. You can also rent centrepieces from Design Mantraa and return them after use at a very reasonable price.

Creating and designing your wedding decor can be very rewarding and cost effective. Have fun with it and personalize it to your own preferences and taste to better compliment your theme. A wedding should be enjoyed and you should not have to worry about the stresses of finance, there are many alternatives, you just have to do-it-yourself!


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