Monday, Feb 26,2018
Top 10 Decor Trends for 2018

Every year, a new slate of trends hits the wedding planning market as couples welcome new ideas, fashions, and styles. If you want to have the trendiest wedding of the season, consider implementing any one of these fresh ideas for 2018.


#1 Color of the Year

Every year, one color seems to be favored among all others for wedding decor, accents, and even bridesmaid gowns! Whether you choose to just use it for highlights or as the main color scheme, Ultraviolet is this year’s go-to color choice for weddings. It’s vibrant, new, and absolutely beautiful when properly paired with your decor!


#2 Patterns

This year, it’s all about geometrics and eye-catching patterns to add a bit of modern flair to your wedding. These patterns can be incorporated in all sorts of interesting ways that will have your party feeling clean and sophisticated.


#3 Less Is More

This year, it’s not about being overdone or going all-out. 2018 modernism is focused on minimalism, and the “less is more” approach will really help your wedding shine. Don’t overdo any color, pattern, or idea if you want a trendy and new wedding style.


#4 Celestial Design Elements

Bring the beauty of spirit and space to your wedding with celestial design elements that incorporate rich colors, eye-catching designs, and depths of meaning. The 2018 trend takes it far beyond the sun and moon.


#5 Suspended Flowers

Flowers will always remain a huge part of wedding decor, but the way they are displayed is now all-new and re-done in 2018. Rather than using vases to put them right side up, suspended flowers will hang right side down for a beautiful design element.


#6 Birchwood

Birchwood was in demand for 2017 season. It is still being highly requested by lot of our clients. This one will stay for the brides looking for a rustic and natural elements in their décor.


#7 Greenery

Colorful flowers are perfect for accents, but leaves and shrubbery remain all the rage through 2018. Tone down your wedding with hints of natural greenery throughout. Ivy and moss remain among the favorite accents.


#8 Round Hoops

Lace is always a beautiful addition to any sophisticated, elegant, or traditional style wedding. In 2018, there’s a new way to incorporate it by using wooden emboridery hoops covered in lace and hanging them as decor.


#9 Chandeliers and Cherry Blossoms

Adding chandeliers in differnet heights right behind the elabotra head table is sure to wow your guests. Consider using cherry blossoms besides the head table to make an impact for the pictures.


#10 Lanterns

Light the path to the alter beautifully with the use of lanterns. An evening wedding reception will also call for lanterns atop tables to provide the perfect mood lighting for your intimate celebration amongst family and 


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